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Preface, Forword, Index

(And Other Truths About Men You Never Wanted To Hear)

by Mr. P. L. Ayer


You don't want to read this book.

I am starting to believe that when it comes to love and women, that although it would never be admitted, there is a desire on the behalf of any woman who has decided that she wants a particular man, that she should be ignorant of the truth when it comes to the true state of affairs with said man, especially when such state of affairs is negative and not in the manner of her desire.

I can only think of one response to that -- when the stove is on high and your hand is placed on it, there is burning taking place regardless of if you believe it, see it, or will take corrective action. As you will soon learn, now that I have daughters, I have a vested interest in getting the truth out to the masses, a truth, that I have long used in my favor to seduce, exploit, and otherwise have my way with much more than my fair share of women.

But my escapades and the lessons of playerdom therein learned and mastered are not the purpose of this particular part of my writing. The purpose here is to challenge you as a woman to open yourself to truth. For in your desire to have a particular man, a man you usually think is the only one capable of making you happy even though now at this time on earth, there are approximately 3,000,000,000 others to consider, there will be the incredible urge to ignore all truth save your desire for him and only him.

From the 15 year old who has a crush on Bobby, to the 50 year old just newly now out of a 17 year failed marriage and wanting new and much better companionship, the fascination with a new or potential man to love causes all types of blindness to truth and reality. The desire to have another need not make one oblivious to the truth and reality that is a major clue to the real potential for such a connection. There is no effort here to make all seem negative when quite the contrary is true. There are great relationships and they start just like any other relationship that is doomed. But for me and my daughters, my desire is to educate them to the point that when they have an emotional investment to make, that they are making the best decisions in terms of the likelihood of success or the painful consequence of a fairy tale gone wrong.

Here is what you need to know, and know with certainty. If you will, you will go a long way of protecting your heart from being used by men like me.

There is truth! If you make yourself ignorant of it, you make yourself a victim of it. If you welcome and seek truth, that is your biggest and best protection to not being a victim of it. For it is there, like the rattle snake you allow in your bed, then you turn off the lights and go to bed and wake up from the severe sting of a bite putting significant poison in your body with the resulting problems and potential for body death.

But as I long ago heard Mike Tyson say when he was talking about the advice he had received about Don King who many thought he should not trust. Mike said that his grandmother said, "It's okay to have a rattle snake in the room, as long as you keep on the light." Very true are such words, but every evening, many many millions of women, get in bed, turn of the light, kiss the rattlesnake on it's head and turn over expecting to have a wonderful restful night of sleep..."




            “Now that is funny,” commented my brother over the phone to me, “Now how did you do that again?”

            “Well, I told her that I had a fantasy that I would meet someone online and that the connection would be so great that when we finally met, we would not say a word, but would just connect and take it to the next level and go to her bedroom.”

            “And it happened just like that?” he confirms.

            “Yep, she was an hour and a half late to meet me at her place because her father had called her to bring her car over to his shop at the last minute.  I had thought that she was having second thoughts or cold feet because she was violating the woman’s code by giving it up right away.  So I called her when she was 30 minutes late, 60 minutes late and kept talking with her to keep the flow going that had been so powerful and enjoyable to her over email, chatting, and a couple of brief telephone conversations that made her primed to give me what I wanted.  Sex.”

            So my brother and I were on the phone laughing up a storm over our most recent conquest - something we do on a very regular basis and it is amazing that even after the thousand conquests that we have had, that each one brings us such joy, but we are men, hunters of our prey - women.

            The conversations are usually the same, not as detailed as I hear that women get into it but, we do give each other the key moments, what we said, what we did, that produced the desired result.  And often we share the responses that we hear which are so similar, it would be amazing to believe that any woman can ever consider herself unique.  Like, I can’t tell you how many times a woman has said to me or my brother, when she is about to have sex with us very early on that “I don’t usually do this” to which my brother concocted the perfect line which I now use too, “I don’t either,” to which I have added, “but I feel so comfortable with you” (borrowing from what I have heard women say to me -- amazing how you can take what a woman says and say it back to her and BINGO!

            This particular conversation then switches again to a replay of my brother’s latest conquest in which he had a teacher over and step by step moved slowly methodically to exactly what he wanted - sex on the first date.

            He comments that he still just doesn’t understand why his son, a 22 year old, is not availing himself to the data that we can give him so that he can be out there conquering like us.  We laugh at how much we know now compared to back then and how much more damage we could have done if we had known then what we know now.  He comments on his young 4 year old son and how we must bring him up the right way - a conqueror of women.

            I totally agree with him and offer my assistance!  Spreading the tips and techniques to teach a boy how to catch any girl he wants.  That’s great!

            But hey, wait a minute -- I HAVE TWO DAUGHTERS!

            As I realize the predicament that I am in, I pause to think.  Let me see.  As a parent, I am responsible to provide guidance to my daughters to help them be prepared for life’s challenges and troubles.  There are no classes that teach women the truth, no college or doctorate degrees no matter what they proclaim that solve the problems and questions of the opposite sex.  We are not born with a manual attached to handle all of life’s mating issues and a recent visit to a friend’s bracelet company, further amazed me as the half a dozen mature, read “older”, women there were all talking about men and their conclusions, were mostly incorrect, and they were acting like little school girls over the subject but hey, they are not my daughters, more like, future prey.  And what these and most all women usually turn to, talk shows, women’s magazines, and their friends are mainly filled with psychobabble which does little to make women empowered and further sends them in their heads trying to label everything without practical real truthful steps to take in understanding how to get what they want.

            Alas, the responsibility was settling square on my shoulders.  And yet, I had a position from which to operate.  I was a father, a daddy, a potentially trusted confidante that could give my daughters what they will really need and what so many women I had run through had no clue of.  Their daddies had been asleep at the job of raising their daughters in the way that they could go out and successfully live life in male-female situations.  I have the added advantage as well in that I have been the dog, the player, the jerk from which I want to protect my daughters.  So if you want to protect your safe, hire a thief, not some degreed expert who will go around your safe area labeling everything. 

            I could see the future and my daughters going out on dates with young knuckleheads where I wouldn’t have to show the shotgun when he comes by (though I probably will anyway) but can rest at night knowing that she is going out with a mind, not lost in a fantasy, aware of what exactly is sitting in the movie theater beside her and what he is thinking.  And that she can therefore truly use her mind to do what it was intended to do, to correctly solve the issues and dilemmas of survival.  Major difference between my daughters and the rest of the female population is that my daughters will have correct input, not confusing, irrelevant, and misleading data that has made my life as a player so enjoyable.  But enough about me, this is about my girls.

My girls are still young so I have a little time to perfect my message and that’s what this process of exposing this fundamental truth is all about here, because if I handle my responsibility correctly, what you learn herein now is exactly what my daughters will need to know by the time they are 16 and on their first solo date.  Men look out, you have truly intelligent and totally aware women coming out into the dating, social, and professional world.  And all because I have daughters...

            But wait a minute, my 6 year old told me recently that she got kissed at school!  I better hurry up!


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