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Dating to Relating - Meet Women - Advice for men on meeting women, picking up women, dating women, and relating to womenMeet Women - - Advice for men on meeting, dating, and relating to womenAttract Women - Advice for men on meeting, dating, and relating to womenPick Up Women - Advice for men on meeting, dating, and relating to womenRelate To Women - Advice for men on meeting, dating, and relating to womenRepair A RelationshipProducts - Advice for men on meeting, dating, and relating to womeneBooks - Advice for men on meeting, dating, and relating to womenServices - Advice for men on meeting, dating, and relating to womenFor Women - Advice for women on meeting, dating, and relating to menFAQ - Advice for men on meeting, dating, and relating to womenContact - Advice for men on meeting, dating, and relating to women
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Google get paid to shop in
Get Paid to Shop: Opportunities in Mystery Shopping
Get Paid to Shop: Opportunities in Mystery Shopping The mystery shopping industry is booming?-and hiring. Businesses hire mystery shoppers to get a view of their service and operations that they can't see for themselves. Shoppers visit stores, restaurants, theaters, banks, apartments, act like ordinary customers, and report on their experience. Get Paid to Shop: Opportunities in Mystery Shopping explains exactly how a savvy consumer with a sharp eye for detail and a little free time can enjoy income and independence as a mystery shopper.

In addition to the core knowledge base about locating, performing, and getting paid for work as an independent contractor, this book?-now in its third edition-?features comprehensive explanations and pointers about using the tools the Internet has brought to mystery shopping. It also features updated information about fee structures, types of assignments, common scams, and income tax considerations.

Author: Judith Rappold
Paperback:  166 pages
Company: Business Resources Publications  (2004-08)
ISBN: 096675803X
List Price: $39.95
Amazon Price: $27.00
Used Price: $17.71

Get Paid to Shop: Be a Personal Shopper for Corporate America
Get Paid to Shop: Be a Personal Shopper for Corporate America Are people around you reinventing themselves, launching successful careers and achieving personal satisfaction, while you feel stagnant? Are you trapped in a dead-end job? Have you been out of work for so long that returning into the unknown business world has paralyzed you with fear?

Do you feel you should be shopping for a new life? How about shopping AS a new life? Get Paid to Shop tells you how to launch a profitable full-time or part-time career by starting your own Corporate Shopping Business and becoming a personal shopper for corporate America.

Get Paid to Shop shows you how to capitalize on executives' time constraints and your shopping ability while:

Making Money;
Gaining independence;
Boosting self-esteem; and
Earning professional recognition.

This 328-page resource packed guide will show you:
How to turn a shopping passion into a thriving business;
How to identify and reach your clients;
How to shop at merchandise marts and the wholesale trade industry;
How to make room in a well-organized home office for Uncle Sam;
How to find a banker and what to expect;
How to choose a business structure that's right for you; and
How to jumpstart your business using the included checklists, letters and business forms.

Author: Emily S. Lumpkin
Paperback:  328 pages
Company: Forte Publishing  (1999-02-01)
ISBN: 0966635108
List Price: $29.95
Amazon Price: 
Used Price: $81.81

Get PAID To SHOP, EAT, VACATION and More! Hundreds and hundreds of companies and research firms are willing to pay you for your opinions and for "secret shopping". You can get paid for dining in restaurants, shopping at your favorite stores, traveling, visiting amusement parks and even seeing the latest movie releases! We'll show you how to earn money for every job you complete. Start earning today.

Author: Barbara Becker
Paperback:  32 pages
Company: Prime Publishing LLC  (2006-04-01)
ISBN: 1893128652
List Price: $4.95
Amazon Price: $2.35
Music Label EMI To Sell Its Songs Online Without Anti-Piracy Limits
By Mike Musgrove
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, April 3, 2007; Page D02
Music label EMI Group said yesterday that it would make thousands of songs widely available for sale in the restriction-free MP3 format this spring, giving music fans more control over how they buy and listen to song files purchased online.
The announcement, made in London with Apple chief executive Steve Jobs, signaled a new direction for an industry that has usually sought tighter control over digital song files as a means of fighting piracy.
EMI chief executive Eric L. Nicoli, at left, announced the change in London. With him are Damon Albarn of the pop group Blur, center, and Apple chief executive Steve Jobs. (By Alastair Grant -- Associated Press) 
Anti-piracy "digital rights management" software has usually been built into song files sold at most online music stores, such as iTunes. The software is supposed to prevent such songs from being loaded onto file-trading services, but critics have complained that DRM tools get in the way of fans trying to enjoy their music.
Jobs said the EMI decision is "the next big step forward in the digital-music revolution." He said he expects other music publishers to take similar actions and predicted that half of the 5 million songs in the iTunes library would be available in a DRM-free version by year's end.
EMI's music that had not already been licensed for sale online, such as music by the Beatles, is not included in the deal.
In the new format, EMI's songs would cost $1.29 at Apple's iTunes starting next month and are to have a better sound quality than songs now offered for 99 cents at the site, Apple said.
Apple iTunes customers who have already bought EMI songs would be able to upgrade those songs to DRM-free versions for 30 cents per song.
Apple said the DRM-free songs are to be available from iTunes in May, though EMI is already selling MP3 tracks on its Web site. One of the label's major new artists, the Good, the Bad and the Queen, began selling its new album in MP3 format on its own Web site yesterday.
Jobs had lobbied in the past for DRM-free music, even though some industry analysts think that such a movement is against Apple's best interests because it means consumers would be able to shop at online stores other than iTunes for music for their iPods.
In an open letter to music publishers that Jobs wrote in February, he portrayed DRM tools as an imperfect and inadequate solution for the music industry.
"If such requirements were removed, the music industry might experience an influx of new companies willing to invest in innovative new stores and players," he said. "This can only be seen as a positive by the music companies."

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